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The GOLDEN Touch

Categories:   Productivity Focus Self Improvement

How would you feel if everything you touched turned to GOLD?

When you follow this process, you will notice quite a few positive changes.

- Unread emails and voicemails aren’t piling up
- Your desk is organized and counters are clear
- You feel a sense of calm & control as you go through your day

You eliminate “Chicken Little Syndrome” – running around like the sky is falling...

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The One Minute Challenge

Categories:   Mindfulness Inspiration Bite-Size Content

Ever wish you had more hours in the day? More days in the year?
The good news is, you get that chance once every 4 years.

Even if you work today, or have a laundry list of tasks to get done…

I invite you to take the One Minute Challenge:

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How to Quit Quitting & Finally Follow Through

Categories:   Productivity Goal Setting Motivation

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality."

Have you ever heard the story of when my co-worker ran himself over with his own car?

It was the day before the dreaded “summer camp” week began… a very demanding week for the instructors, where we were open 8am-2pm for a children’s camp and again at 3-9pm for normal classes…

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How to Improve ROI while Spending Less

Categories:   Business Solutions Results Based MGMT Free Small Biz Resources

What if I told you…
You could spend less money, while also making MORE money?
Seem impossible?

I remember the year I gave our CEO the annual marketing report, along with last year’s for comparison.

He held them side by side, and noticed exactly that – we had spent less marketing dollars than the year before, and yet our sales revenue had also increased from the year before (yet again surpassing the company’s goal)...

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What Are Your True Colors?

Categories:   Mindfulness Inspiration Bite-Size Content

It’s amazing how a little struggle – a moment of something not going according to plan – that a person’s true colors can show.

"It doesn't matter if you win or lose, it's how you play the game"

We’ve all heard this phrase, but as we get older it becomes more important. We care less about getting the trophy for being the best, and instead care more about the way it felt to participate...

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How to Eliminate Struggle & Follow your Optimal Path

Categories:   Paradigm Shift Productivity Habit building

Aside from inherent physical characteristics...

All you are is a physical manifestation of your past choices.

Every 7 years, every type of cell in your body has died and fully regenerated. On a cellular level, you are a completely new person every 7 years.

So what makes you, YOU?

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Gaslighting Signs & Toxic Positivity

Categories:   Paradigm Shift Motivation Self Advocacy

"Constant Positivity is a form of avoidance and is not a valid solution to your problems."

Wow. This hit me like a ton of bricks.
I had gotten so accustomed to being gaslighted, that I didn't even recognize it...

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What Are You Worth?

Categories:   Motivation Paradigm Shift Self Advocacy

"The amount of money you receive in your life is in direct proportion to the value you create for other people."

I rediscovered this little gem of wisdom in my notebook of scribbles from various webinars, coaching videos, and online courses.

If you're not happy with your financial situation, ask yourself...

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Approach Matters

Categories:   Motivation Productivity Bite-Size Content

Imagine a 160lb person needing to drag a 200lb weight. Seem difficult?
A 160lb person can carry more than 200lbs...

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New Year Resolutions?
Try this instead.

Categories:   Productivity Goal Setting Motivation

“Eat better”
“Work out more”
“Save money”
“Make time for myself”

We all know this time of year:
The time to set goals, then never look at them again!
This year, I encourage you to try something NEW...

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