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"Sarah is a true professional and it was a pleasure working with her. She was always available and ready to help at a moments notice. She has a wide bandwidth and able to handle many tasks at one time without losing focus. She's eloquent and confident speaking in front of people whether it's two or fifty. Her skills in her field are honed and on point. I would highly recommend her."

-Tony B. (Regional Sales Manager) January 2020 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"I am thrilled at the opportunity to write a character reference letter for Sarah Rose. Sarah has been a delightful coworker in whom I’ve had the privilege of working with over the past year and a half.

One project I worked routinely with her on was the managing of our online reputation. We worked together in helping the company maintain a pristine online presence. The CEO and I held bi-weekly Customer Service meetings in which we would brainstorm public replies to any negative social media online postings. Sarah was the trusted adviser in charge of the final edits regarding the company's public replies.

Sarah did a host of other tasks as our Marketing Manager. She always showed up on time to meetings with her laptop and detailed project updates ready to turbo-charge our meetings. She has an infectious positive attitude paired with a stellar professionalism that is unlike any I’ve ever seen in the corporate world. She can be counted on to produce accurate work, she pays attention to details, and stays focused on the task at hand; regardless of the many marketing demands that were regularly thrown her way.

The top qualities that stand out the most to me regarding Sarah’s overall demeanor is her ability to maintain an un-wavering professionalism and positive emotional intelligence each and every day… She is an experienced leader, extremely bright, and was a real gem to work with. She is sorely missed.

I am certain Sarah would bring tremendous value and add a positive culture presence to any organization. She is an articulate, fun, and a very thoughtful team player. Please feel free to contact me anytime to chat more about Sarah, as I am more than happy to divulge."

- Annette S. (Customer Care Program Manager) January 2020 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"Outstanding, inspiring, passion, follow through and leadership = Ms. Rose. In a young and growing professional martial arts industry, I teach over 10,000 students per year and train over 1000 instructors and school owners worldwide on a wide array of curriculum, programming and business systems. Point blank, she is a stand out. I have never seen anyone learn and implement a system with such confidence and results as Ms. Rose, especially at her age… I don’t know what more you could ask for from a goal oriented career minded professional, let alone a part time employee juggling school and work.

I recently went through a business transition at my headquarters and she was brought on to help train me and my staff on program director operations. Not only was she on top of her game and delivered the training with the utmost professionalism, se encountered resistance and negativity from my staff. How she handled the situation, easing their insecurities and demonstrating by example implementation of the new systems and scripts was unparalleled. Impressive is an understatement.

We measure performance by results in numbers and our bottom line, not just by hard work and longer hours… Ms. Rose operates on a level above our industry leaders that I work with and speak with at national and international conferences. Within our growing 27 Victory school organization, she is the go to program director for training staff and will play a key role in our expansion to 100 schools over the next 5 years… without hesitation and 100% confidence I recommend Ms. Rose not only because she has consistently produced an incredible result for our company but more importantly she continues to inspire and lead those who don’t yet have the confidence through her passion and daily efforts."

- Mike Chat (XMA Founder, former Blue Power Ranger) February 2014 via Scholarship Recommendation

"Sarah is a terrific Marketing Manager/Analyst. We worked together for a company that went from 6M to 25M in 3 years. She handled the growth and extra pressure with ease... as she was instrumental in creating a dynamic department that was very helpful to the design consultants and management. Her growth as a contributing speaker and determination to be the best was well recognized by management and her peers. I expect to see her on TED Talks soon!"

- Daniel H. (Senior Sales Rep) January 2016 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"Sarah’s insight as a marketing program analyst was crucial to our lead gen efforts, and contributed to the department exceeding goals each month that I worked with her. She is committed to success and is motivational. She designed the company’s sales training program from the ground up and her efforts are a main reason the company’s sales grew by 500% during her time there."

-Kailey R. (Account Development Manager) February 2020 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"It is rare to come across an individual who is able to perform at such a high level of professional efficiency with that balance of optimal results and natural charisma. Consistently over the years Ms. Rose has applied a sharp mind--quickly factoring in all variables of my own requests and goals, the company's resources, and multiple options--along with her very positive approach to problem-solving and client management. I have never received anything less than 110% of her dedication to my needs as a client, always with positive results. She is one of those unique individuals who excels in her own right yet adds such substance and capability to a team that all around her benefit.

I would hire Ms. Rose in an instant, knowing that whatever challenges I gave her and no matter what help I sought, I'd be leveraging the talent, creativity and accomplishment-driven assets that she brings to the table. Having experienced first-hand the dramatic changes in the martial arts studio's development since Ms. Rose joined the team about 6 years ago, I can selfishly say I've been one of the fortunate ones to benefit from her work."

- Laurence K. May 2012 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Rose several years ago when I enrolled my daughter in the Victory Martial Arts program. Over the years, I have come to know Ms Rose as an articulate and talented professional who can manage multiple projects and situations effortlessly. Knowledgeable, meticulous and a great communicator, she puts those around her at ease. She exudes confidence and strength and has been wonderful role model for her students. I have no doubt Ms. Rose will be an indispensable and successful member of any management team."

- Constance M. November 2014 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"I have had the distinct pleasure of being acquainted with Sarah Rose for nearly 8 years during my Taekwondo training at Victory Martial Arts. During this time I have had the opportunity to see Sarah perform both as a talented Black Belt and a motivated and highly efficient Program Manager for Victory Martial Arts. Sarah continually demonstrates all the life skills embodied in the teachings of Taekwondo, personifying the Black Belt creed of Discipline, Honesty, Respect, Integrity and Self Esteem. It is always a refreshing pleasure to be associated with a younger individual with these qualities. She has everything it takes to be a success at whatever she decides to pursue in her journey through life."

- Ron G. April 2012 Recommendation via LinkedIn

"My brother and I have been training at Victory Martial Arts for over seven years... Miss Rose is one of the best managers who keeps everything running within the busy school. She is so friendly and makes sure everyone is taken care of. They have taught me lessons that will help me succeed in life."

- Pradeep N. May 2011 Recommendation via 5-Star Yelp Review

"It is without hesitation that I recommend Sarah for her math tutoring services. Math is certainly not my favorite or best subject; however, it was a necessary course in my degree program. I hit a wall during the statistics section of the course and Sarah was recommended for her tutoring skills. She broke down the problems in ways that I could understand, which allowed me to grasp the concepts and retain the information. I credit Sarah for allowing me to successfully complete the final exam and thus, pass the course. I would not hesitate to use her tutoring services in the future."

- C. A. January 2016 Recommendation via LinkedIn

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