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Blog Post: "Approach Matters"

Jan 23, 2020| Categories: Motivation, Productivity, Bite-Size Content | Back to Blog »

Approach Matters

Imagine a 160lb person needing to drag a 200lb weight.

Seem difficult?
A 160lb person can carry more than 200lbs.

Approach matters.
How do you carry your load?

You can carry responsibility by inserting yourself as support underneath it,
Or you can drag it behind you like an anchor.

When you use yourself to support the load,
The weight becomes manageable.

Two people can be given the same load,
and one will find the task impossible
because they aren't using the right approach.

Approach Matters: How do you carry your load?

This post was written on January 23, 2020.
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Sarah Rose, owner of Rose Consulting Services

Sarah Rose

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Sarah has 10+ years of experience helping businesses & entrepeneurs flourish! After years of success as a Program Director & Marketing Manager, she established "Rose Consulting Services". Her focus is a results based, action oriented approach to solve pain points and help her clients achieve their business & personal goals. Sarah has developed a unique skillset to assist anyone looking to improve work efficiency, build confidence in the workplace, or maximize ROI on business initiatives.

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