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The GOLDEN Touch

Categories:   Productivity Focus Self Improvement

How would you feel if everything you touched turned to GOLD?

When you follow this process, you will notice quite a few positive changes.

- Unread emails and voicemails aren’t piling up
- Your desk is organized and counters are clear
- You feel a sense of calm & control as you go through your day

You eliminate “Chicken Little Syndrome” – running around like the sky is falling...

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How to Quit Quitting & Finally Follow Through

Categories:   Productivity Goal Setting Motivation

"There is a powerful driving force inside every human being that, once unleashed, can make any vision, dream, or desire a reality."

Have you ever heard the story of when my co-worker ran himself over with his own car?

It was the day before the dreaded “summer camp” week began… a very demanding week for the instructors, where we were open 8am-2pm for a children’s camp and again at 3-9pm for normal classes.

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New Year Resolutions?
Try this instead.

Categories:   Productivity Goal Setting Motivation

“Eat better”
“Work out more”
“Save money”
“Make time for myself”

We all know this time of year:
The time to set goals, then never look at them again!
This year, I encourage you to try something NEW...

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How to Eliminate Struggle & Follow your Optimal Path

Categories:   Paradigm Shift Productivity Habit building

Aside from inherent physical characteristics...

All you are is a physical manifestation of your past choices.

Every 7 years, every type of cell in your body has died and fully regenerated. On a cellular level, you are a completely new person every 7 years.

So what makes you, YOU?

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Approach Matters

Categories:   Motivation Productivity Bite-Size Content

Imagine a 160lb person needing to drag a 200lb weight. Seem difficult?
A 160lb person can carry more than 200lbs...

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