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Blog Post: "The One Minute Challenge"

Feb 29, 2020| Categories: Mindfulness, Inspiration, Bite-Size Content | Back to Blog »
The One Minute Challenge

Ever wish you had more hours in the day? More days in the year?

The good news is, you get that chance once every 4 years.

What will you do with your leap day? Will you treat it like any other day?

Even though it’s a Saturday, many of us still have our normal responsibilities… so it may not feel like an “extra” day at all.

But, like many things in life, it’s all about perspective.

Even if you work today, or have a laundry list of tasks to get done…

I invite you to take the One Minute Challenge:

Find 3-5 people to message, right now, to give a compliment or tell them something you appreciate about them.

Don't think too hard - who are the first 3 people that pop into your head?

It could be something they did, something they stand for… it could be big or small.

Or it could just be that you love their energy.

Anything goes!

Here’s a few “starter messages”:

  • “I was just thinking about that time you ______. Still one of my favorite stories!”

  • “It was so great to see you…”

  • “I really liked your recent post about…”

  • “I miss your face and would like to see you more. Lunch/coffee soon?”

  • "Hey [coworker], thanks again for helping me with..."

  • “Hi [old friend]! I know we haven't talked in a while but…”

  • “I love all the information you share about [one of their interests]. Can you tell me more about it?”

  • “Hi friend, just wanted to say hello and hope you’re having a great day!”

  • “Thanks again for ______. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate…”

  • “Just stopping in to say I think you shine a beautiful energy into the world, I appreciate having you as a friend!”

Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to change your life.

The law of attraction is a powerful force...

Keeping small, outbound waves of positivity/gratitude/appreciation will eventually loop around into you receiving the same energy back.

Sometimes anxiety prevents us from sharing something, even if it's positive.

Trust me when I say: people LOVE to get a positive message out of the blue!

Ask yourself:

  1. "Can I try this RIGHT NOW?"
  2. "Can I make this a weekly, or even daily habit?"
  3. "Is it worth at least trying, and seeing what happens?"
The One Minute Challenge

This post was written on February 29, 2020.
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